Go On Do It Jump – Grace, Poise, Clarity Review

Four piece rock group, Go On Do It Jump formed in Oxfordshire in 2011. They describe themselves as ‘intent on crafting honest rock’ recently released their debut E.P; Grace, Poise, Clarity.

The EP delivers just what they state with some extremely catchy, easy-listening tunes.

Heartbeats is a real summer tune that you’d find yourself listening to on a long drive. Its catchy chorus and brilliantly crafted music make you want to listen to this particular track over and over.

Ceasefire continues with the same vibe that Heartbeats gives off. Vocalist, David Thompson, comes across as sounding confident and clear. Both of these tracks could easily make it to mainstream radio.

Closing track For Every Man A Scale sounds almost Coldplay-esque with it’s a slower pace, but that’s not to say it’s any less enjoyable. It’s a sincere rock track, which you connect with very easily as a listener.

In fact, every song on this E.P is one that you could connect with. These 5 songs truly are brilliant and create an exciting listening experience.

If this band doesn’t find their way to the top, then it would be a real shame. Definitely ones to watch!


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