Ghouls – Run Review

Ghouls RunRun is the new album from Ghouls, a fivepiece from London whose genre can’t really be pinned down – but blends together elements of indie, punk and even a little bit of ska for starters!

A fairly emotive piece, especially from a vocal perspective, it’s a hard-hitting collection of tracks that will get under your skin, and it’s a rewarding listen as a whole. The construction of the album as a whole is good, with each song flowing nicely into the next, and the different amalgamation of styles works in the band’s favour as you’re never quite sure about what will come up next on Run – there’s so many twists and turns that it means the album is massively engaging as a result.

One of the strongest tracks of the piece is fourth track Facebook Friend. Opening with a striking sax line, the song progresses to a half-spoken, half-sang vocal line before the chorus kicks in and damn, it’s a catchy one – you’ll soon find yourself singing along to it before you know it, and it’s one of those songs you won’t be able to only listen to once.

As a whole, Run is a solid piece from Ghouls. It’s exciting and powerful – and something a little different!


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