Ghost Horizon – Astral Possession Review

ghost horizonAstral Possession is the small-but-mighty new EP from Ghost Horizon and it’s a stunningly atmospheric listen that will hold your interest from start to finish.

The EP starts off in a fairly minimalistic fashion with sparse guitars and ambience before the full band kicks in. What’s particularly good is that the repeating simplistic idea in the introduction is built upon, now being performed in a heavier style with harsh vocals atop of it, and it subsequently leaves a great impression on you – although the line itself is fairly simplistic, it’s effective and inevitably will get stuck in your head! Additionally the other elements of the song, such as the substantial vocals and powerful drums, really help the song to gel and it results in an all-round mighty opening track.

Astral Possession continues strongly from there with middle track Spectral Threnody, which starts in much the same fashion as the previous song, building up the same idea into a ‘fuller’ sounding track jam-packed with momentum and drive – the pace is tremendous on this one. The EP then comes to a close with Astral Possession (The Cold Years Unearthed) which again, follows the same format as the two previous to it, but despite this it’s still a fantastic song and features a great little guitar solo in the latter half of it.

Although Astral Possession could possibly benefit from a more varied approach to songwriting due to all the songs having the same sort of structure, this is nevertheless a great listen and Ghost Horizon have created an EP that people will keep wanting to come back to.


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