Ghost Of The Avalanche – Obsessive Compulsive Gender Dysphoria Review

Ghost Of The Avalanche are back with their tried-and-tested formula of a collection of punchy songs that are fast and in-your-face, and once again they’ve created a mighty little listen.

Obsessive Compulsive Gender Dysphoria is a ten-minute ball of energy, and showcases GOTA doing what they do best. Something particularly good about this release is that the songs instantly get under your skin and in your head – you’ll be able to remember song lines right from the get-go, which is definitely testament to great songwriting. From the infectious and frenetic laughing interjections in opener Oblivion, right through to the more melodically-driven vocal line of closer Dystopia, each song brings something that will remain with you.

Although it can be said that Ghost Of The Avalanche’s material isn’t the most complex listen you’ll ever experience, the punky simplicity of just drums, bass and vocals is a format that really works for them and what’s great is that the music never feels like it’s missing anything. It’s raw, intense and powerful – what more can you want than that?

All in all, another great release from GOTA. There’s no real differences in this compared with their earlier material, but honestly, when it sounds this good and works so well for them, who really cares?


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