Gehenna – Unravel Review

Unravel is the latest offering from Gehenna, and is basically your standard black metal album – no surprises here.

After about a minute of near-enough complete emptiness which adds nothing to the track, the album finally gets going with The Decision, but it’s not the best choice for an opener. Nothing stands out about it and the pace is fairly slow which results in the track dragging its heels. Not the most gripping of tracks and it falls quite short, making it a disappointing beginning to the album.

Title track Unravel gets things moving. Nice and noisy from the get-go, it has everything that The Decision didn’t and really gets the whole release moving. The tone of the guitars are spot on and the guttural vocals of Sanrabb complement them perfectly and is an all-round stunning track to say the least. It’s certainly one of the album’s runaway successes and if anything, they should have opened with this.

The album does tend to dip a little as it progresses, however. The songs are pretty average (although the drums in Nine Circles Of Torture are something to behold!) and there’s nothing really out-of-the ordinary as they just haven’t put their own spin or stamp on anything.

Closer Death Enters is quite special though. With an eerie intro on some haunting keys before the full band kicks in with clashing drums and repeated guitar riffs, it’s a track that piques your interest right away. Sure, it may have the faster pace of some of the other tracks, but it just works and is a great way to wind everything up.

All in all, the album is nothing new, but it’s definitely worth a listen if you’re big on your black metal – I just wish it had fully picked up before the last track.


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