Gary Numan – Tramshed Cardiff, 30/09/17

Kicking off his tour in support of recently released album Savage Gary Numan starts at a sold out Tramshed, it’s actually surprising the show wasn’t upgraded. Packed with the usual 80s throwbacks but looking among the front row it seems the young and old have shown up tonight to collectively revel in the legend that is Gary Numan.

With a quick support act to warms thing up the venue is bursting to the seams. From the get go Numan certainly doesn’t come across as shy as he moves around the stage with clarity and stares down the front row. Part of the live show is an overwhelming vibrant light show where screens fill the backline, changing accordingly to each song and setting the tone during parts. Striking and highlights Numan’s entrancing moves.

Tonight isn’t all about the nostalgia as Numan shows playing quite the collection from new album Savage, which has seem to grabbed recent fans attention lately, fitting neatly into past numbers. With a twenty year plus career it could make for an interesting and varied twenty plus setlist which is backed by a full band who appear just as prominent as Numan himself. At fifty-nine the singer doesn’t back down throughout the night, it’s a strong performance and is notably noted by the reception at the end.


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