Galar – De gjenlevende Review

galar de gjenlevendeDe gjenlevende is the third album from Galar and it’s another powerful offering from this versatile Norwegian band.

The album draws you in straight away with the title track; it has a fairly simplistic introduction with nothing more than a minimalistic acoustic guitar line, but there’s this subtle beauty and atmosphere to it that’s really striking – and then the full band kicks in and hits you like a tonne of bricks. Something that really works well is the variety of different vocal styles utilised – the harsh and clean vocals couple well with one another, along with the half-yelled vocals for good measure!

One of the best things about De gjenlevende is the vast amount of different styles utilised into the music and fourth track Ljós is a great example of this. It’s an entirely instrumental piece with quite a jazzy feel to it and it sits rather well amidst the noise, hammering guitars and powerfully delivered vocals of the other tracks on the album. It shows another side to Galar and it’s a welcoming inclusion.

Of course, the heavy tracks are magnificent as well, and another highlight is Gjeternes tunge steg. Beginning with frenetic drums and riffs aplenty, the energy emitted is something to behold and it will certainly get your foot tapping and head banging – at least for a while, until Galar throws a curve ball and the track descends into a rather stunning string section. It’s unexpected, yes, but it absolutely works.

If you like your music engaging, unique and original, then look no further than Galar. You need this album in your life.


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