Fearless Vampire Killers – Bruises Review

fvk bruisesFearless Vampire Killers’ new mini album Bruises steps away from the bands usual concept albums and is about the band instead, writing the songs about their own personal experiences. It’s also the bands best work to date, both lyrically and musically.

Bruises opens with the song Feel Alive which starts off with an incredibly catchy instrumental line that’ll make you bop your head in time, then when it drops you’ll be moving. The riffs are incredible; they’re complex and fascinating to listen to, and this song is no exception. Additionally, the vocals are soothing yet passionate and the growth of the two vocalists when it comes to their vocals is obvious.

Regret has a lovely yet slightly menacing atmosphere that is created from the two opening riffs, and the vocals are haunting. The chorus shows off the incredible harmonies the band can produce. The bass in the song is funky and gives the song that depth that it needs to really entice you to listen, it gives the song that extra something that it needs.

Bruises opens with one of the most interesting, enticing and exciting riffs in modern rock. The way it pierces through the rest of the instrumentation and really hits you will keep you listening to the track, and it is the best written song and catchiest song on the mini album. It shows off the bands incredible line up of great
singers, all who bring a different dynamic to the mix.

Overall it’s the best work the band have produced to date. It’s meaningful, well written and the producer and engineer did a great job to create songs that sound incredible – Fearless Vampire Killers have had some problems with unclear mixes in the past where the low end isn’t as crisp as it should be. The band just keep growing and are due their major UK breakthrough soon, they deserve it. The songs are impressive, both lyrically and instrumentally, and it’s nice to see them step away from their comfort zone.


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