Furia – Ksiezyc milczy luty Review

furia-ksiezyc-milczy-lutyKsiezyc milczy luty is the fifth full-length album from nekrofolk (black metal with elements of folk) metallers Furia and it’s an intriguing and interesting piece.

There’s a great air of mystery and atmosphere to the songs, and a particularly good element of the album is how the vocals are used in the opening track Zacma w dym – the song is instrumental for the first half before the listener is presented with some deep and mysterious spoken words in the latter half, and they work perfectly at setting the scene, adding a lot of ambience and atmosphere to it all. Then, at the end of the song, the vocals are bellowed and screamed, helping the track reach fever pitch before things all get stripped back again for the opening of the second track.

Indeed, as a whole the way the vocals are used in the album are great – they don’t take the lead role from start to finish, and there’s lots of long, colourful instrumental sections where the instrumentation takes centre stage, and it’s refreshing to hear as there’s a lot of bands out there who use the vocals as the main driving force for their albums – it’s nice to hear everything on a more ‘level’ ground.

One of the strongest tracks of the album is third inclusion Tam jest tu, which is one of the more energetic and hard-hitting songs that will surely get your head banging along to it. The faster sections join up nicely with the slower, more crushing ones, and the drumroll at the end of the track is particularly good, slowly winding the track up before going in for one last hit to finish.

As a whole, a rather good album. It’s perhaps more of an acquired listen due to the style and approach as a whole, but if you’re a person that loves their blackened folk, you can’t go wrong with this.


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