Funk In Funk Stairs – The Whole Picture Review

I’m going to openly admit that funk is one of the genres I’m less familiar/in-touch with, but it just makes it all the more worthwhile when I discover a great band within the genre – and Funk In Funk Stairs are just that. Describing themselves as Finland’s premiere funk and alternative band on their facebook, it’s hard to argue with them because their latest release The Whole Picture is pretty impressive.

One of the things I love about the funk genre is the fact it gives bassists (a sometimes underappreciated band member in rock and metal music) a chance to show off their abilities and effectively do their own thing, due to the bass melodies playing a more prominent role in the music, and you can instantly see how much talent this band’s bassist/lead vocalist, Jesper Anastasiadis, really has as soon as opening track To Me begins. The track as a whole is a well-constructed and chilled out little number that you can’t help but tap your foot along to. It’s an incredibly groovy track and a great opener to the EP.

Suitably titled Old School has a bit of an old-school rock vibe to it. The bass and drums are in more of a funk style whilst the guitars and vocals have more of an old-school feel – and somehow it works really well with the two different styles in the one song. I absolutely adore the guitar solo at the end; quite simply, it took my breath away.

Third track Teardrop is definitely the best track of the EP. It really is a work of art and the vocals in particular are stunning. It really showcases how versatile Anastasiadis’ vocals are, as he switches through a few different styles within the track, and I like how the guitar and bass both have their own repeating ideas throughout the song. I can already tell that this is going to be stuck in my head for a long while to come. The emotion in the vocals at the end on top of the squealing guitars at the end are fantastic.

Closing track The Whole Picture takes a little while to get going, but when it gains momentum it does turn into a more memorable track. It’s got a chorus that is just screaming to be sung along with and by the end of my first listen I was already humming along!

If you like your funk, then you’ll love this. Alternatively, even if you don’t like funk, why not give it a try regardless? You never know – Funk In Funk Stairs could end up being your new favourite band!


Funk In Funk Stairs: Facebook

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