Funeral For A Friend – Between Order And Model Review

CoverReissues are a bit of a sketchy subject. More often than not, they’re a bit like a slap in the face to those that supported the band by buying the release first time round, but it’s a different case with Funeral For A Friend’s Between Order And Model EP. It’s a release for the fans – featuring an extensive amount of bonus tracks as well as remastered versions of the original four tracks, there’s something for both old and new fans alike.

The first section of the release is the original EP, containing the first professional recordings from Funeral For A Friend which wound up being one of the stepping stones in helping to propel the five-piece to success and ultimately to where they are today. Four tracks of fast-paced and energetic rock, you can really hear the promise and beginnings of something special within them and it’s almost like you’ve been dragged to 2002 and are witnessing the band as they once were.

The middle section contains three rare cuts from their early back catalogue, but they fall a little flat in comparison. In particular, Grand Central Station was billed as a previously unreleased song, so it was quite disappointing to learn that it was simply an early version of one of their b-sides This Letter rather than something completely new. However, it was absolutely great to hear the inclusion of The Getaway Plan – a track that is somewhat loathed amongst the band – afterwards.

It’s the last part of the album that really stands out head and shoulders above the rest. Recorded with the current lineup of the band, it’s like a showcase of how far they’ve come and progressed since the early days of their formation. It’s interesting to compare each live track with the corresponding original version and see how they’ve changed and evolved, with Juno/Juneau being an absolute highlight with them utilising different members to sing different sections. It just adds so much more to the already-awesome song, and it’s certainly a treat to see live as well.

Sure, the reissue may not feature anything new per se, but honestly, it’s worth buying it just for the liner notes alone – which give a great little peek behind the scenes of Between Order And Model and the early days of the band. A must-have for anyone who’s a fan of the band.


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