Frozen Ocean – The Fallen King Review

Frozen Ocean are a relatively new band from Milan, Italy and their debut album The Fallen King has risen to lay waste to hoards of the Uncheese. It’s a power metal record so this is to be expected. However is The Fallen King a hero, a fool or just a stale dairy product?

There’s no doubt about it. This album is definitely cheese.

Frozen Ocean has two singers but their respective tone is so close that, apart from some textured growling, they could be interchanged easily. Both singers are competent performers; that’s clearly presented. Yet their unique personalities are muted by their interaction with the music and thus leaving the idea of having a male and female singer, instead of an being operatic base, looking like an interface for gender pandering.

The songs themselves are infectious and have got an early nineties flare to them, like musical Aids finding the power of love. The riffs are technically solid. Chugging away nicely to award a good old head bang in the right direction. Plus the guitar work is complimented by some sweet licks and tasty solos. What they failed to mention on the package is that this is the installation CD for a bio-hacked Metronome.

There’s a lot of talent in this group and it’s still early days for them. Hopefully they can find higher ground or just some become more confident in their voices. Separating them like channels so as to work in stereo instead of mono. However for a first album it’s a good effort with killer artwork.


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