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From Her Eyes DemonsFrom Her Eyes’ new EP Demons opens with the very chilling, moving instrumental Decay, the haunting guitar riff really leads into the first song on the album superbly. Comatose is a great intro to the band, with the piercing guitar riffs and dominating drum beats the band really show off their skill. The vocals are a bit monotone but they’re still powerful screams – Tom Owens, the vocalist, just needs to work on increasing his vocal range.

Disillusionist opens with a brilliant riff that leads into a perfectly executed drop or brutal vocals and drums. The bass in this song is very abstract and starts and stops throughout which surprisingly works, and it follows the bass drum religiously to really add to the breakdowns and add to the brutality of the breakdowns. The drums in this song demonstrate drummer Gary Holley’s impressive double bass work and overall drumming technique.

The short song Elysium is showing the huge arsenal of moving, impressive guitar riffs the band have at their disposal while showing off bassist Jesse Simmonds fantastic bass work. The song leads in to the final track on the album, Demons, which features Lucas Woodland, who is a fairly popular youtube cover artist, who does clean vocals, which is what this EP needs to break it up from being a repetitive metalcore EP, as the band have demonstrated in the previous songs, their guitar riffs are top notch as is their drumming. The vocals on this song are powerful but again monotone.

The band are gonna go places, with obvious influences from architects and While She Sleeps, it’s easy to hear this band are going to follow in the footsteps of their fellow welsh bands, Funeral For A Friend and Bullet For My Valentine. The band also sound a little bit like Dream On, Dreamer. Overall a musically impressive album, however Tom needs to work on his vocals ramge, some nice high screams throughout the EP would have suited fantastically.


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