Frequency – Fire And Lightning Review

frequency lightningThe hip-hop industry is a genre that explodes in every direction from the original source, and that source is aggression in all forms. The ones that matter – the ones that don’t get chewed up by the industry – are the ones that focus on combining a worthy beat with intelligent lyrics, with a focused attention to the message given. Easier said than done, but for Arizona’s Frequency, he crushes the competition with some of the sickest beats the industry has heard yet, as well as a smooth and methodical lyrical style aimed for the throat of the competition.

The opening track titled Alternate State featuring Lil. Nate Dogg is instantly addictive with the mesmerizing synths teamed up with the expected machismo lyrics. Although this track doesn’t break down any new walls in the genre, it does offer something fresh to sink your teeth into. The song that acts as Frequency’s signature, is the impressively mixed and lethal track Lucid Lies. The track is a juggernaut of sound that sounds a bit like Daft Punk meets Skrillex. The song is beautifully produced, intelligent, and a victory in true song making. Where the previous tracks safely stayed within the boundaries of the genre, Lucid Dreams breaks through the walls and enters into a whole new realm completely.

Another song that shines just as bright as Lucid Lies is titled Lightspeed and features Daylyt. In a genre flooded with empty beats and weak lyrical skill, this track acts as a teacher in what the art of hip-hop can look like when cared for and about. Not once did I feel this track was aimed for the club, but instead it was aimed at the heart of the listener, as an honest attempt to get his message through. With songs like this, Frequency should make it into your collection sooner than later.

No Sleep demands to be played loud with the windows down in your car on a hot summer day. Produced with Frequency’s signature EDM style, the track is instantly catchy and dare I say, Fun. Not a long song by any means, but a real gem nonetheless.

There are many great tracks on Fire And Lightning – the production of every track is exciting and well thought out, the vocals always suit the song and never take the songs themselves over. The care in the songs themselves can be heard on ever track before even one word is spoken, and everything just fits so well together when the lyrics are added. If you are a fan of the hip-hop genre at all, then this is an album you should be purchasing as soon as you can.


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