Free Spirit – All the Shades of Darkened Light Review

All the Shades of Darkened Light Free SpiritAll The Shades Of Darkened Light is the new album from Finnish rockers Free Spirit and it’s a great little release with some excellent big numbers simply begging to be sang along to.

Opener Nights Of Paradise is a striking and engaging start, one of those massive songs that could easily fill an arena and it’s the perfect way to kick-start the album, really grabbing your interest from start to finish. The vocals are top-notch and the instrumentation is wildly catchy, which is the formula for a winner!

The album progresses fantastically from there with more strong inclusions such as Hysteria and Fever being particularly high points – the faster-paced tracks definitely work best for the outfit and whilst the slower tracks are good too, you really can’t beat the sheer energy that Free Spirit project in tracks such as the aforementioned two. It goes without saying that Free Spirit is surely a band that would go down a treat live.

It’s refreshing to hear such an honest and to-the-point release and All The Shades Of Darkened Light is a most excellent offering from the six-piece. Free Spirit have delivered a very polished album and quite simply, it’s something you’ll keep wanting to come back to.


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