Freedom Call – 666 Weeks Beyond Eternity Review

Freedom-Call-666-Weeks-Beyond-Eternity-41708-1Fun, frivolous and most importantly epic, the re-release of 2002s’ Eternity from Freedom Call comes with extras. Rebranded under the guise of 666 Weeks Beyond Eternity over two discs with exclusive bonus features, it comes with live versions, covers and special versions of tracks from and around Eternity.

Withstanding the trials of time the original Eternity holds up as operatic rock that is rich with ballads, cheesy synths and a wealth of spirited pouting, but most importantly it makes me want to dance around in my apartment justly wearing my moosehair underwear.

Eternity is to this day a great and joyous ode to hair and the live songs are armed with more passion than an erotic shampoo and conditioner over the studio recorded performances. The sound production is also cool and crisp. It is not your bootleg sell off merchandise here. Where the bonus material begins to strike in unexpected blows is the very reel rearrangement of Metal Invasion. Inspiring dreams of Finnish metallers taking over your local pub/tavern (or Inn) bringing in He-Man as your consolatory bar steward, which would rawk pretty hard.

By the power of metal Powerworld, Neonfly and Hannes Braun have contributed their own arrangements of tracks from Eternity which are all honorific and just as surprising and exciting as the chivalrous version of Metal Invasion. Implying that the warriors of light have brought cavalry and a great addendum to a timeless magic affair.


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