Singled Out: Fred Colombo – Kill Me

fred colombo

Something very unique and very dark is coming from the Fred Colombo camp. Currently promoting the vicious single titled Kill Me, Colombo is clearly sending a message out to someone, and that message is not holding its tongue. Starting with a very Massive Attack opening that brings in a bit of Daft Punk, Fred Colombo is focused on wearing his musical influences on his sleeveā€¦but wait, I think I hear some old school R&B in there somewhere as well.

The track feels in many ways like more of an abstract painting than a true song, as it starts with one genre and becomes another, as it opens with spoken word poetry and ends with old school R&B, Kill Me is a strange creature.

There is a bit of everything in this track, dark synths, layers of vocals, effects on everything, and even a grand piano playing classically in the background. On a set of decent headphones, the song dances from one ear to the next, but no matter what composition tricks are used, there is undeniably something missing here. Perhaps it is the obvious genre bending that is taking place here, or the vocals that, although on their own are fine, together just sort of miss the mark trying to fit together.

I might not be the target audience for this particular track, but I am sure that there will be an audience that absorbs this far better than I did. On one hand this song is a success in abstract art, but unfortunately it fails to rise about ground level of production.


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