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In just a couple of weeks, Fractal Universe will be releasing their brand new album Engram of Decline. Ahead of its release, we caught up with two members of the band to get an insight into their influences and music taste. Get involved and check it out below!

A song that influenced them
Vince: Death – Overactive Imagination
Individual Thought Patterns was the first Death Metal record I ever bought. I was 12 years old and had never heard anything quite like this: crazy drumming, insane fretless bass, mind-blowing guitar work, and killer songwriting. The opener from that album is still one of my favorite tracks ever!

Clément: Slipknot – The Blister Exists
I discovered metal through Slipknot and the Vol:3 Subliminal Verses when I was 13 years old. The first time I listened to The Blister Exists got me crazy, and from this day I started to develop my metal drumming skills. I was only playing drum for 6 months, this was a revelation.

A song they wish they could have written
Vince & Clément: Necrophagist – Stabwound
This whole album is a monument in Tech-Death, and might be the most inspirational album in the entire genre. It’s one of these albums that never get old, and it’s still sounding fresh and innovative, even over a decade after its release.

Their favourite Fractal Universe song
Vince: Collective Engram
This is the last track off our upcoming record Engram of Decline, and also our longest one to date. It is meant as a musical journey, exploring many different soundscapes, and traveling from atmospheric triplet grooves to hectic blast beats. It also features 2 great guest appearances: our guitar player’s father, Jean-Marc Florimond, on saxophone, and The Faceless’ Michael Keene on guitar.

A song they’ve been listening to a lot recently
Clément: Kadinja – GLHF
GLHF from Kadinja’s new album Ascendancy. This song has a crazy breakdown with a killer drum part and I think their riffing is technically and musically insane. I can’t get enough of it!

Their all time favourite song
Vince: Cynic – How Could I
As hard as it might be to name a single favorite song, I think this one deserves the spot. I discovered this album when I was 13 years old, and I’m still equally addicted to it. This album is truly unique: it really came out of nowhere back in 1993, and there’s still barely a band that has come close to that sound nearly 25 years later.

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