Foscor – Les Irreals Visions Review

SOM420-Foscor-1500X1500px-300dpi-RGBWhat really gets me right in the feels about this album are the similarities to Al– things bright and beautiful. The sound of the guitars are so frosty that you’ll get sunburn from the reflections on the first glisten. With cold, dark and powerful riffage the fifth album from Foscor is like a strange creature comfort. While taking lessons learned from their most previous record Catalonias’ Foscor have treated their newest album to a dark romance inspiring an extreme record that would make even Goya hungry for Gods.

Black Metal it seems is like a chrysalis for complex journeys through darkness (Foscor literally meaning darkness in Catalan) and while the genre is only casting light on this album the musical shadows create a dynamic compendium that hit at the proper angles to make even a circle look sharp. Infused with saturated levels of doom and blues this downtempo black metal is a balancing act of abrasive textures and silk.

Even with its swampy bottom line Les Irreals Visions transcends it’s dirty lower end to soar with daring riffs through sharp elevations and into dark chasms. Offering a mesmeric look over its prog-lite meanderings as the clean vocals entrance and guide the movement with their dream-like presentation.


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