For The Glory – Lisbon Blues Review

For The Glory are the best example to show that Europe has some amazing metal bands to offer. The five-piece band from Lisbon, Portugal has been around since ten years so they know what’s going on in this industry. After changing their record labels a few times and releasing several records, Lisbon Blues is the band’s second full length album.

With eleven songs, the Portuguese offer their listeners breakdowns, riffs and everything else you could possibly wish for on a record in this genre.

The album is kicked off by an intro which doesn’t tell too much about the band itself – it could easily be an intro by any other metal band. However, it gives a short sneak peek on what to expect during the next ten songs: heavy metal through and through. There’s not a single song which doesn’t have screeching guitars (e.g. in 110) and the aggressive screaming of vocalist Ricardo Dias. There’s not a single song which allows you to take a little break – the band’s energy carries you through the whole album with songs like Life Is A Carousel or Darktimes.

All in all Lisbon Blues is a good album for fans of heavy tunes! 


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