Fornicus – Hymns Of Dominion Review

fornicus-hymns-of-dominionWhen it comes to black/death metal, it can sometimes be difficult for a band to stand out from the crowd and unfortunately, the new release from Fornicus entitled Hymns Of Dominion tends to blend in rather than stand out.

Hymns Of Dominion is by no means bad, featuring plenty of powerfully-delivered songs, but it does feel like Fornicus hasn’t quite found their own sound as it isn’t exactly the most adventurous of releases – the band hasn’t quite put their own stamp on their music so there’s nothing about the album that sets them apart from everyone else.

It’s a shame because as mentioned before, Fornicus are pretty good. The band gives a tight and together performance on record, and the production quality is fantastic, so you certainly can’t fault the band in that respect. Additionally, tracks such as opener Duodecad Aflame and Wake Of The Churning Depths pack a tremendous punch and the momentum and energy behind their delivery is something to behold – I can only begin to imagine how awesome it would be to witness these tracks in a live environment.

As a whole, it’s a decent listen and something that you should certainly check out if you’re into your black and death – just don’t go in expecting any big surprises!


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