Fornhem – Ett Fjärran Kall Review

Ett Fjärran Kall is Fornhem’s debut album and it’s a solid foundation for the band but ultimately falls a little short when it comes to how much of an impact it will leave on you.

Consisting of four rather lengthy tracks, they do tend to get a little repetitive after a while and it does feel like some sections could be trimmed without losing a great deal of substance. However, there’s clearly a lot of skill behind the musical performance and in particular, the vocals are phenomenal – the snarled style to them works well with the largely melancholic black metal approach.

There’s some nice elements to the album as a whole, with a highlight being third track Úrdjupets Svärta. Perhaps the folkiest one of the four, there’s some nice softer instrumental lines contrasting well with the fast heavier lines and there’s some great little riffs that will definitely worm their way into your head.

It’s clear that Fornhem has a lot to give and the foundations have certainly been laid for a promising career. With a few tweaks here and there, they could really become a big name in the industry – but as it stands, Ett Fjärran Kall is a fairly average listen.


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