For I Am King – Revengeance Review

For I Am King RevengeanceFor I Am King have released their debut EP Revengeance and it’s built up of 4 tracks that sound pretty similar. However the instrumentation, like any metal band is amazing. The pounding drums and face melting riffs throughout the EP really show off the bands talent as musicians however their song writing ability as a team leaves something to be desired. They lack some creativity with their song structures and the way they portray the messages of their songs.

The EP opens with The Haunted which has a nice fade in to the EP and really builds into the song nicely. However when front woman Alma starts to scream it lets down the instrumentation. She is more shouting then screaming and it sounds like she is tearing her vocal chords. However she does have that necessary aggression and power that screaming needs to be effective, it just sounds like she needs to work on her technique if she wants a lasting career. The drums in the song are very impressive with some incredible drum fills and hefty double bass work. The band are very tight and you can hear easily they could write some chart topping metal.

One of the fasted paced songs on the EP is called There Will Be Blood and it opens to some truly phenomenal guitar work demonstrating years of hard work and dedication. Yet again the drumming is impeccable and it complements the song unlike some modern metal band. The deep screams are impressive but the higher and low ones just sound strained and the lyrics are rather torturous with threats of death which, if that’s your sort of thing, is very well written and it flows well. The guitar throughout the song is incredible, it’s the sort of thing young musicians look up to and want to be able to play.

Overall the band have huge potential, they just need to work on their song writing ability but they’ve got the makings of a fantastic internationally touring band. Their vocalist needs to work on her screaming technique and as a band they could explore their sound a bit more, maybe take some influences from other genres. Overall the EP is well put together and instrumentally awesome.


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