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Forever Never have recently released their new single Never Giving Up, which we’re absolutely loving here at Soundscape. Wanting to know more about the music that influences the band, we caught up with them to get an insight into their influences and tastes. Check it out below and listen over on our page.

A song that influenced them
Sevendust – Home

I can still remember sitting on my bed and putting the Home album on back in 99. The opening track was Home, and as soon as I heard that initial “duggadun, dun-duggadun, dun, dundundun, dun dun” I was sold, and I realised the beauty of single note rhythmical fun. It was a great day.

A song they wish they could have written
Scar Symmetry – The Kaleidoscopic God

The first time I ever heard this, I was immediately hooked on Scar Symmetry. What a song! It’s like 8 minutes but it takes you on such an incredible journey. The chorus is creamy, and this song in particularly shows off the diversity of Christian’s voice. Also I always imagine the middle section as being like a scene out of Flash Gordon. Seriously, if you listen to it again and imagine it… the music perfectly mirrors the ups and downs! “Oh no Ming is gonna get Flash!”… “Or is he?”… “No, don’t worry it’s all going to be ok! Ming is leaving”. TRUST ME, OK?

Their favourite Forever Never song
Never Giving Up

Well my current favourite is the new single, Never Giving Up. It feels like the perfect comeback song for us, and the lyrics are close to the heart but hopefully the positivity will rub off on others. If we’re talking about “Ever, ever!” then I’d probably say Empty Promises still for me.

A song they have recently been listening to a lot
R Kelly – Cookie

Christ, I must sound like the least cool person you’ve ever had do this feature, right? George will back me up though, it’s a big tune! It’s kind of comical really, but I can’t deny I haven’t been cranking this in my car, singing along at the top of my voice! It’s very rude though. Naughty Robert.

And their all-time favourite song
Michael Jackson – Speed Demon

I just love everything about the song. The harmonies, the subtle background sounds, and I just looooove the bass on the chorus. I thought it was unplayable for a long time, until I saw people on youtube actually playing it! It’s mental. I also particularly love the final chorus where the chords change behind it, and it just lifts up to another level. Just incredible songwriting. To be honest I could have said any Michael Jackson song… They’re all amazing. [fanboy numero uno]

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