Singled Out: Forever Never – Living A Lie

Forever Never

We caught up with the guys from Forever Never for an insight into their new single Living A Lie! Check it out, along with the video, below!

What’s the story behind Living A Lie?
LAL is about saying “Goodbye” to all the negativity going on in your life. We’re all guilty of letting it build up sometimes, or perhaps sometimes even living in denial that it’s happening. So the song is about facing up to that stuff, and getting rid of it – and ultimately leaving us happier afterwards.

What’s the response been like for it so far?
Live it’s been going down really well. Because of the slower nature, it’s quite susceptible to an old school bit of hand-waving during the “goodbye” section! It’s got a strong chorus and I think people have embraced that very well.

Can you describe the writing and recording process for it?
It came together relatively quickly and we nailed it on the recording. That’s one of the toughest parts of the live show!

You also just released a video for the track – how did the filming go?
Well, for once we didn’t actually have to do anything for the video. The video uses a short film by Youtuber Lauren Sanderson. She was happy for us to use it, and that was all cool by us.

Where did the idea for the video come from?
We saw Lauren’s short film and thought the messages conveyed in there were relevant to the track, so we asked her if she minded us putting our track to it, and she liked the idea – and that was it!

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