F.O.E.S – Antecedence Review

Antecedence FOESLiverpudlian post-rockers F.O.E.S are back with Antecedence, which is their follow-up to last year’s EP Ophir, and what a follow-up it is! Building on what made Ophir special, whilst also injecting something new into the mix, and it makes for an all-round fantastic listen.

In my review of Ophir, I mentioned that the opening track wasn’t one that immediately grabbed your attention, so it was especially good that this time round, the opener for Antecedence is a song that sets the scene well and gets things off to an energetic running start. Rival Thrones is filled with momentum and is a song that will really stick in your mind long after it comes to a close.

Antecedence continues strongly from there – the emotive vocals are one with the instrumentation throughout and everything just flows so well from song to song. The songs are well-constructed and everything is just tight and together, right from the opening note to the closing chords. Each song is stunning in its own right and oh-so atmospheric.

It’s clear that F.O.E.S have mastered the art of writing beautifully atmospheric tracks and you can see the clear progression from their previous offering. Whilst Ophir was good, Antecedence is great, and with releases like this, it wouldn’t surprise me if F.O.E.S soon wind up becoming one of the big names in post-rock!


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