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Florian Hofer - ReachingGermany via way of the states is not something you often hear described as the way to go for some smooth tunes and laid back vibes, but Florian Hofer is the man for the job! Hailing from the countryside of Germany before hitting LA Florian was a many on a mission to succeed in what he called ‘the school of rock n roll’.

But it was when he made it to New York and hit the studio with producer Henry Hirsch that this corking album came to fruition.

If you like your rock funky and soulful then this is so the album for you. Opening track Walk Into the Light throws back to Motown and the glorious days of soul. And is quickly followed into the track Reaching (East Coast).

Leave Me adds a hint of more funk to it and a touch of jazz even. Whilst, Can You Feel Me Now is very much from the genre of rock. It’s a classy rock ‘n’ roll sounding tune and really showcases, Florian’s husky vocals.

Illusions has a shredding guitar solo in the middle of it. It’s a fantastic solo, but it does feel slightly out of place in the song. To end the album, track Reigning Me steps up the funk just a tad more and adds in an element of spice.

This is a fantastic rock ‘n’ roll, chill out record and really showcases that music can be so much more when thought through. A beautiful listen with some very catchy tracks.


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