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The Welsh music scene is so strong right now, with so many great, diverse bands from all genre’s and this electro, alt. rock 5 piece from Cardiff called Fjords are no exception. They are an intriguing and compelling blend 80’s style synth pop, indie and big sounding rock and it’s something quite unique.

The band consist of Sonny – Vocals & Guitar,  Scott – Guitar,  Gareth – Synths & Trumpet,  Alex – Bass and Hannah – Drums. As soon as I heard the track ‘My Week In Shinjuku’ from the bands debut EP ‘Dead Diamonds’, which was released in September, I knew I had to feature them here, so we spoke to Sonny and Hannah to tell us all about Fjords.

Who are you and what do you do?
We’re Fjords, we like to think of ourselves as an alternative/electro rock outfit from Cardiff.

Where did the bands name come from?
We wanted a strong name that represented our sound. Sonny came up with The Fjord, but we decided that FJORDS would be better.

How did you get started?
Sonny had an interview with Steve Lamacq on Radio 6 a few years ago and used it as an opportunity to advertise for new members as his last band was splitting up. Scott and Hannah used to be in the band “Broken Sleep” together, so  Scott asked her to join the band when our old drummer left. Alex joined the most recently; he used to cut up brains in University with our old bassist.

What have you got going on at the moment?
We’re currently writing some new material and we’re heading back in to the studio in February to record a couple of tracks. We’ve also got some gigs booked in for January. One in Le Pub, Newport 18th January and another in Hobos, Bridgend 26th January.

Favourite music and why? 
Sonny – I’m very into Grizzly Bear and Joy Formidable at the moment.
Hannah – Currently listening to and loving Local Natives, Grizzly Bear, Bastille, M83, Haim, Tame Impala and anything on 6 music. Being a drummer I tend to prefer listening to music with interesting rhythms.

Favourite book and why?
Sonny – Where The Wild Things Are, good times.
Hannah – The Shining by Stephen King, you just get drawn right into it, and feel part of the story. I know it’s a cliché but it is so much better than the film

Favourite film and why?
Sonny – Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, it’s left field and lovely.
Hannah – Donnie Darko, the sound track is incredible and I just love the story. I do love “Twin Town” too, brilliant Welsh film, a cult classic.

Best experience in the business?
Sonny – My Steve Lamacq interview, end of one era and beginning of another.
Hannah – Getting to play on Sean Moore’s drums when we recorded our first release. That was such a privilege. He’s got a beautiful kit. Thanks Sean!

Why should Soundscape readers care?
Just have a listen and then make up your own mind.

Tell our readers an interesting fact about yourself?
em>Hannah – I got my black belt in Tae Kwon Do when I was 12.
Scott – I’m half an inch taller than the average man.

What’s the best and worst things about touring?
Sonny – Best: new people worse: leaving them behind
Hannah – Best- Playing live and seeing the audience getting into it. Worst – All the waiting around.

Most embarrassing thing to happen to you while in the band?
Sonny – forgot some lyrics and just mumbled loudly to the audience…..idiot.
Hannah – Scott broke his rib whilst recording our last video for My Week In Shinjuku, so I suppose that was embarrassing for him. But hilarious for us! He broke it on a fair ground ride at Barry Island. So check out the video and you’ll see it!

What’s your writing and recording process like?
Generally the band jams a riff or idea out at practice and Sonny takes it away and comes up with a melody and lyrics.

What inspires you?
Sonny – The band members
Hannah – Other bands, family, friends, films.

Best thing about coming from Wales?
Sonny – Great scene right now, amazing group of bands.
Hannah – The support from other bands. Everyone supports each other, and social media has been a positive vehicle in that.

Who are your role models and idols?
Sonny – David Bowie

Hannah –Jon Brookes, Reni; they got me hooked on drumming, and I still think they’re the best out there.

Hardest thing about the current business?
Sonny – Lack of managers outside London.
Hannah – Getting gigs outside of Cardiff. There are a lot of venues who won’t put you on unless you can pull in a minimum amount of people.  But you just have to find the places that like you that will put you on without worry out numbers.

Who is your favourite Batman actor?
Sonny – Michael Keaton.
Hannah – Adam West.

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