First Sign Of Frost’s Playlist

We recently caught up with Owen from First Sign Of Frost to see what his influences are. Check out his choices below!

A song that influenced him
Glassjaw – Natural Born Farmer
Natural Born Farmer by Glassjaw has always been a bit of a stand out one for me, I think Daryl Palumbo’s melodies and hooks sets GJ apart from other bands in the genre.. definitely something we’ve tried to emulate at least in some way or another.

A song he wishes he could have written
Don McLean – Vincent
The movement on the chords, lyrics and general tone is just breathtaking. Stunning honest writing.

His favourite FSOF song
Look Alive Sunshine/Atlantic
Tough one… Look Alive Sunshine is definitely up there. But then again also the title track for Atlantic – proud of the chorus especially. 

A song he’s been listening to a lot recently
Fickle Friends – Glue
Glue by Fickle Friends, totally obsessed with those guys at present.

Your all time favourite song
Death Cab For Cutie – Brothers On A Hotel Bed
I feel like a broken record when I say this haha! But it would probably be Brothers On A Hotel Bed by Death Cab For Cutie. For a guy who writes heavy rock, I can be strangely more inspired by softer genres in general. 

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