Interview with Fireworks

We had a quick chat with Chris from Fireworks when they hit the UK a couple months ago.

Tell our reader’s a bit about yourselves
We’re from Detroit, MI. We’ve been a band for about 4, no actually this June would’ve been our first show 5 years ago. We were all just really close friends and started playing in different bands. We then decided to play in a band together. We’ve just finished recording our second full length and that should be out in May.

Your new album was released May 24th via Triple Crown Records. What can we expect from this?
I think a really solid growth from the last record. We wrote ‘Gospel’ to be ‘Gospel’. The songs came real naturally and we wrote them for this record in mind. So I think everything is a lot more cohesive and just works better together overall.

What’s it like getting to support big bands like New Found Glory?
It’s cool. It’s a little nerve wrecking at first cause it’s so… you wanna make sure you’re not gonna fuck up, or piss people off. Cause nowadays touring’s not just like playing shows with your friends, it’s like a business thing. We went into it, you got into it kinda nervous at first but once you start getting used to it, you’re like ‘oh this isn’t really much different from shows like this, with 2 vans’. It’s amazing though. Cause those shows are obviously bigger venues and it’s real comfortable. Playing to the audience is a bit weird though, cause you got a big barrier.

And you do have to come to terms with the fact that you’re not playing a 100 cap venue that’s sold out and 75% of people know your band, you’re playing sure maybe to those 75 kids but they’re gonna be amongst a sea of 1200/1500 kids, if not more. I would say it’s cool, but you have to kinda make the switch. And I say we do, from being a show band in small venues with shit going off and kids singing along, to being a concert band where you have to play better.

If you could go back to any era, what would you pick and why?
If I had to pick an era, I’d pick the mid 90’s. I know I lived it, but I was a little young. Probably like 8 years old. Especially for what I’m doing now and what I’m into now, the mid 90’s were like the shit when it came music, and even the economy in the states, bands and records sold. You could go to a record store and spend hours in there buying stuff the day it came out. I’m gonna go with the mid 90’s. But the 60’s seems too cool and everyone looked so awesome.

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