Fire Red Empress – Paint Me The Devil Review

Fire Red Empress - Paint Me The DevilNot many bands release something as short as a three track EP these days, but that is exactly what Fire Red Empress have done. And boy is it an amazingly good EP despite it’s short nature.

The EP kicks off and I mean, it really kicks off immediately with Left Unspoken. The hard rocking number is fiery and passionate. It mixes in elements of alternative metal and hard rock; it has a big atmospheric backing to hard rocking drums and gruff but fantastic vocals. There is a guitar solo before the final section of the song which just helps bring the whole track to a crescendo before the final riff and beat hit.

Title track Paint Me The Devil is up next. It also hits hard. It’s a very driven track. It’s very similar in nature to it’s previous track which suggests that Fire Red Empress know exactly what kind of sound they were after with this EP and they’ve definitely succeeded in keeping the sound very much on course.

Final track Behind The Veil is a little slower in nature, but it’s definitely still very much hard rock.  This song is driven more by the riffing guitar and vocals than the previous tracks which seem to rely on the drums to really drive the track.

A short EP, but a fantastic showcase of what this band can bring to the hard rock genre. They’ve got the alternative metal/hard rock mix down perfectly and it’s a really enjoyable listen.


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