FireForce – Annihilate The Evil Review

FireForce, Belgium’s power metal Duck Dynasty, are on their third album. Annihilate The Evil; An album with drive, determination and decisive riffing. Although hailed as a power metal act there’s more thrash in these veins. Pumping hard and flowing fast over the fretboard. With that in mind the third album is never wanting for energy or viscera.

Closing the press release: “FireForce consequently follow the path with ‘Annihilate The Evil’ and this album will surely increase their fan base.” Which about sums up this album. FireForce thunder down a path so well trodden that they’ve turned it into a trench. It’s not an unpleasant listening experience. It’s far from it. It just lacks definition without any kind of uniqueness.

A case of fitting the lock but the key won’t turn. FireForce are trying hard. While for the most part their experience shines through as excellent musicianship the songs on Annihilate The Evil lack the scent of a fresh kill. Coming over as foil wrapped riffage from the power metal riff farm.

Abundant with heartening hooks and voluptuous licks. Annihilate The Evil is packed but deals damage without ever executing the mark. However there are a few choruses that close in on the sweet spot. Yet their predictable nature quickly takes them out of dodge and into the office of tried and tested metal moves.

The cheese factor is probably about the mild mature level for this album. If it was being used in a sauce it’d make an excellent mac and cheese but for anything else it needs a little bit of extra flavouring. Just something to breach out from the tonal mid-range that saturates its bubbly countenance.


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