Firebreather – [Self-Titled] Review

First impressions can lead to all sorts of funky ideas and the début album from Gothenburg’s Firebreather has got leverage in that it comes from a city renowned for its progressive sound. Yet while its not death metal they’re pedalling, it’s doom, whatever made the iconic Gothenburg sound is in the air with this album capturing a heavy atmosphere that’s ripe for headbanging.

With the foundations for this album tuned down to an almost ridiculous level of b[ad]ass-ery the surprise introduction of the guitar on the first track quickly asserts how dank and heavy this album intends to be. Forming a dirge with the funkiest doom this side of sixties psychedelica. It’s doom metal riffing on thug life making something a little bit more like ritual chug life.

Self-titled, this album is all about asserting the sound of Firebreather. A sound that speaks with a deep voice crackling with the voltage of its unbridled power. The heaviness while brutal and unforgiving is firmly seated with melodious contraband. Giving this album a unique detail radiating with its own personality.

Chugging hard and chugging deep the brevity of this release might be hard to swallow with only four tracks on the album. Making the only way to get satisfaction from its short course to stick it on repeat. Yet what this album lacks in length is made up with its robust compositions that get more involving the more you hear them. Even though some might suggest that that’s down to personal choice when you’re deep down in a sea of noise you’d be remiss not to try swimming with the current.


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