Fire In The Radio – New Air Review

fire in the radio new airNew Air is the second album from Fire In The Radio, following on from 2015’s Telemetry, and it’s a good, accessible piece that will really get under your skin.

New Air is a fairly easy listen thanks to the smooth and catchy vocal line; the melodies really get stuck in your head after a while and are great to sing along to, and although the music isn’t exactly the most complex that you’ll ever come across, New Air is an enjoyable collection of songs that you’ll certainly want to revisit.

There’s plenty of decent songs on the album, and one highlight is middle track Vacant States. It’s a seriously catchy number that will certainly wind up stuck in your head, with a powerfully delivered chorus that is passionate, empowered and emotive, drawing you into the piece and after a few listens you will surely find yourself singing along to it at the top of your lungs! Additionally, the guitar riffs in this one are fantastic, really helping to drive the track forwards.

Fire In The Radio have created a light-hearted and airy album that is a nice summery listen, and the accessibility of it means that it will appeal to fans of more ‘mainstream’ music as well as the more underground indie/rock scene. Very nicely done.


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