Finsterforst – #YØLØ Review

finsterforst yoeloeIf you want a fun listen, Finsterforst’s new EP #YØLØ (or #YOELOE for those without a Norwegian/Danish/Faroese keyboard) is definitely going to be a release for you. The EP features four new songs from the band, and five rather wonderful covers, and it’s performed in a more light-hearted manner than the band’s previous offerings – and it’s definitely easier to get into as a result.

The songs are all just so lively and there’s such a nice vibe to them that you can’t help but enjoy them, and Finsterforst use a wide variety of instruments to keep things interesting – the saxophone that features in the title track is a particular high point, especially when coupled with some brass instruments when the track fully gets underway and the ska edge to the song is magnificent!

One of the best songs on the EP has to be their interpretation of Miley Cyrus’ Wrecking Ball. The track starts off somewhat close to the original, with a gentle vocal delivery atop of soft instrumentation but when the chorus kicks in, it hits you like a wrecking ball in the way that it’s practically bellowed at you – and to say it’s the perfect way to approach this cover would be an understatement.

Sometimes all you need from a release is a bit of good-natured fun from a band not quite taking themselves seriously, and this is an EP that definitely ticks all the right boxes in that respect.


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