Final Void – Sounds Of Absence Review

_Final_Void_album_coverFinal Void have been busy and hard at work creating this their first album. The debut called Sounds of Absence has its roots in the traditional rock revolution of coming from the garage. The humble beginning of many rock stars and an ideology that will never get old. However having been formed as a group in 2012 five years is ample amount of time to evolve and incorporate all the members experiences which is just what Sounds of Absence offers: a melodic journey through the tumultuous feelings that drives people to become one with the metal.

Covering common themes like abuse, lost love and emotional destitution Final Void defy the ugliness of life and create a beautiful score with layered melodies and rough harmonies to the silent film of living. Sitting somewhere between hard rock and heavy metal this album is more like a graduation from the university of life than a tabloid sob story. Laying out a hard course in rock music the intensity of their experiences prevail through to powerful licks accompanied by chords that inspire a sense of vertigo.

While the riffs are a-rockin’ dealing with the aforementioned themes leave this album a bit lackluster in emotional vocabulary. Leaning too heavily on maudlin passages that are provocative but hold too tight a grip on your balls. There are a few breakthrough moments but their not exactly life changing epiphanies. Ruminating on negativity rather than how to overcome the adversity. A very important message of hope and inspiration that made metal the barbarian monster we’ve come to know and love.


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