Filligar – Hexagon Review

Filligar‘s album, Hexagon like any record, has strong points, as well as some weaknesses; a strength being their well-played American sound, demonstrated vocally in New Local, the opening song of the record with a pleasant intro and upbeat theme throughout the song; a nice start. Although, some tracks appear a little tedious, such as Ozona the song doesn’t really go anywhere, and is far too boring for the length of the song. Culture Sound, is not a bad attempt either, but appears only as a mediocre blues/rock song, with well mastered riffs and gritty vocals.

It would be unfair to say there are any bad tracks or that this is a poor album, but nothing seems to really stand out. Overall it is nothing extraordinary, and no future hits are currently in site, but who knows? If the potential of the band is put to good use, they are sure to become bigger, and certainly better; as practise makes perfect!


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