Feral – Forever Resonating In Blood Review

There are a lot of feral acts out in the wild but this one in particular is the sole project of New Brunswicks’ J. Feral and is his second Feral album. Titled Forever Resonating In Blood it embraces the classic old skool thrash style production where all the frequencies below 6Khz and 66Hz are cut. It’d be true Norwegian black metal if it was from Norway. Alas it’s not but in this day and age maybe we should let latitudes be attitudes.

Black metal and its derivatives are so ubiquitous now that genre comparisons with Feral would be equivalent to making homogeneous exclusivity, in a genre that frequently advocates for awkward individualism. With postulations on the human condition contained within the album that’s not being political or rejecting its involvement with the style as it’s just part of the plan. As such the second album from Canadas’ Feral paints a different picture from its contemporaries but told in the same violent palette.

Although nuanced this album doesn’t victimize itself with the irreverent history/heritage that many labels/producers/peoples are trying to cash cow and instead proves itself a product of its own devise. Or at least the devises of J. Feral. The uniqueness of this makes for an incredibly compelling listening experience. It’s also a pristine example of metal being used to do what it does best. Inspiring terror and discord through the simple act of honesty with a helping of transparency. And with solos that riff and tear at the fabric of popular culture.


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