Fear Of Domination – Atlas Review

fear of domination atlasIndustrial Finnish outfit Fear Of Domination are back with their fourth full-length album Atlas, following on from 2014’s Distorted Delusions, and the band have once again delivered another powerful piece that makes for an engaging listen.

Admittedly Atlas does take a little while to get properly moving, with the first two songs not quite grabbing you, but things get properly underway with third track Primordial, an energetic and fast-moving track that features a tremendously catchy synth line and powerfully delivered vocals atop of a wonderfully heavy wall of instrumentation. Things progress well from there, with following track Colossus pretty much picking up where Primordial left off and later track Carnival Apocalypse is another hard-hitting speedy number that will be stuck in your head for a long while afterwards.

However, Atlas is not just about fast-paced songs to make an impact, and one of the highlights of the piece comes from the title track which deviates from the Fear Of Domination “norm” and sees a more melodic approach from the band with a slower pace to the song as a whole. It also features a versatile vocal delivery, going from high-pitched squeals to bellowed clean vocals and of course the more ‘standard’ screams.

All in all, Atlas is a great listen and another strong offering from the Fear Of Domination – this is a band going from strength to strength and Atlas is testament to this.


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