Fearless Vampire Killers – The Underworld, Camden 08/05/15


When the doors to Camden’s Underworld don’t open dead on 7pm, the crowd outside were growing impatient. The group at the front of the queue had been there since 7am.

No time was wasted in getting the first band on. Myth City (6.5/10) bounded out ready to get the party started. The room was already over half full so this helped with the usual lack of energy you get from a fresh crowd. The audience seemed to warm to these guys quickly, not surprising with their roaring rap rock mix and the cheeky charm of their frontman Maz. Shouting out “London, where the fuck are you” before blasting into their next song got the crowd to arm bounce along to their set list. Shake seemed a firm favourite of the crowd and the reaction showed there were a few loyal fans already forming. If you like a twist of rap/screamo then this band is for you. They have bounds of fun energy to share with the whole room.

Annisokay (7/10) ran onto stage like they were starting a fight and immediately started to melt faces with their aggressive post hardcore rock. There were a respectable amount of fans in the crowd eager to see this German band shake this venue up. Frontman Dave Grunewald tries to start a pit but the crowd aren’t ready and neither was the fast filling venue. Dave’s assaulting shout vocals are complemented heavily by the clean crisp tone of guitarist Christoph Wieczorek’s voice. The mix of these sounds makes the band more accessible to potential future fans.


Wasted & Useful saw the space light up with phone torches. The group treated the crowd to songs from their most recent album Enigmatic Smile with Carry me Away getting a popular response. To mark their Underworld visit they also took a selfie with the crowd before returning to their back catalogue for popular song Sky. By the end of their set this band had won the room over and clearly wanted to thank the fans, staying on stage for high fives with the front row.

The crowd is looking hot and sweaty now, but the excitement for the headliners is evident. Fearless Vampire Killers (8.5/10) seem to attract a large amount of younger fans, mostly young girls fighting to make it to the front to get close to firm favourites Kier and Drew. Screams of ‘I love you’ come between each song from hopeful females. This band never disappoints and starts the set off with Neon in the Dance Halls from their newest album Unbreakable Hearts. The crowd are jumping and singing along as vocalist Laurence Beveridge storms through the tune. As well as songs from the new album, the group make sure they take a nod to their previous works and vocalist Kier Kemp takes to the mic for Bowties on Dead Guys.


These guys have the audience eating out of their hands and follow their direction for jumps, sing alongs and arm sways without hesitation. There’s a lot of love in this room and the band even let the fans choose between two songs to play with the clear winner in screams being Exploding Heart Disorder. Kier stands in the spotlight for Brave the Night and the crowd silences and fills the room with torchlight. With accompaniment from drummer Luke on the keyboard and Drew joining him for the end harmonies. It’s evident they love playing London, but it’s clear they are outgrowing the smaller venues like this one. It’s so smoky the band seem to disappear at times behind the haze. The place is packed to the point of breaking and the small stage can hardly contain this band’s presence. The five piece finish their set with At War with the Thirst, a popular song as the crowd sing along.

FVK will continue to rise without doubt.

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