Fearless Vampire Killers – The Dome, London 01/11/14

FVK DomeCabaret Of The Damned is Fearless Vampire Killers’ biggest headline show to date with fans from all over travelling to see them, and has magicians, dancers and bands to play for the hoards of eager fans wanting to celebrate Halloween.

Valens (6/10) open the Halloween show and they don’t let their nerves get the better of them. As the show progresses they fill the stage more and more and the crowd really enjoy them, they jump sing and fist pump throughout the bands set. They perform well but it was nothing special. They sound tight and look good jumping around the stage but they just don’t have any stage presence.

Ashes to Angels (8/10) know how to put on a good show, constant movement on stage whether it be jumping, crowd surfing or swinging their instruments around, there was always movement. They can work a crowd with ease, their playing was on point and they are an incredibly tight band. Being able to swing a instrument around while continuing to play isn’t easy but they do it and make it look as easy as walking. Most bands won’t get audience members on stage to crowd surf but they did eagerly, and also getting a phenomenal guest screamer was also a crowd pleaser. The crowd are most definitely warmed up for the Fearless Vampire Killers.

The Fearless Vampire Killers (9/10) enter the stage to a frenzied crowd of savage eager fans and the crowd explodes from the first note of the their set. Jumping, screaming and moshing follow through put the entirety of the bands set and they’re a friendly crowd who are all there to have a good time, which the guys on stage ensure.

Frontmen Keir and Laurence entertain the crowd with their sexual humour and energy while supporting members make sure the crowd has absolutely phenomenal music to listen to. All members of the band are extremely talented but guitarist Cyrus really shone, executing all solos and complex riffs with complete ease and he looked incredible while doing it. Bassist Drew is a lively man and he doesn’t really like to stand, running around the stage and rocking out with his bass is something this man excels in. The vocals and harmonies were impeccably well executed throughout the entirety of the bands well constructed set playing songs from their forthcoming album and songs from the rest of their discography.

Not many bands of Fearless Vampire Killers size can get dancers on stage, so when a ballet dancer gracefully slides on stage during their latest single Maeby, it was definitely a crowd pleaser and visually beautiful. The band really pulled out all the stops for this incredible show and it was clear to see the crowd has fun as everyone was ecstatic after the band had finished up. The band truly performed to the best of their ability and rocked the venue. Go and check them out on their Unbreakable Hearts tour in support of their new album, it will be well worth your time.

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