Feared – Vinter Review

feared vinterYou can’t deny that Feared are a hardworking band and the fact that their fourth album Vinter is their second release of 2013 is testament to that and the best thing about Vinter is the fact that it doesn’t sound like it’s been churned out just for the sake of releasing another album so quickly. It’s a well-rounded collection of eleven songs that you’re going to want to keep coming back to.

There isn’t a bad song on the album and with extremely strong inclusions such as the wildly catchy Your God which has one of the biggest choruses ever, and Invidia which is basically a humongous wall of noise full of relentless energy from start to finish.

It’s Erased that is the runaway success of this album though. Beginning with a slow, calm introduction, it lulls you into believing it’s going to be a slower one, but it all changes when the full band kicks in with a full audio assault on your ears. It has a bit of a groove-metal vibe to it and the synth lines in it are especially great, adding a lot of atmosphere to the already-incredible piece.

Although the closing track Vinter could have done with a little more energy and movement to round everything up as it gives an almost unfinished feel to the album, there’s not a lot that can really be faulted here and it’s an all-round great album that’s definitely worth checking out if you’re into your metal.



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