Far Beyond The Sunrise – Far Beyond The Sunrise Review

far beyond the sunriseThe vitriolic self-titled EP Far Beyond The Sunrise is a tireless supplement to 2014s’ debut Oppressor. A virulent confluence of metal and hardcore that is harsh and immense.

Taut, tidy and tense, the tight production values that hasten the clarity in the intense riffage Far Beyond The Sunrise EP is hitting up is a blessing in disguise.

Without the pussy shocking pretense that constitutes a break in this relentless endeavor there is a lot of timing to really bang your heads on this one. A seriously masterful aria of malcontent worked into a headstrong tackle defying any naysayers. A merit that lays intent down freely similar to a Meaty-Fucker sitting in a Vegan concentration camp. The synergy between these guys is piercing.

The only thing that brings this to distraction is the drumming, which is fantastic but at times feels like it solos over the rest. Although it is pristine there are times when it could compliment the rhythm, rather than trying to chase it which is a case off too many triplets and not enough Juniors.

Almost perfect, Far Beyond The Sunrise is an affluent illustration of what makes a gripping recording. Holding the devise from its inception to conclusion. It is tasty. Tastier than a really tasty thing.


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