False Flags – Hex Machine Review

false flags hex machineHex Machine is the brand new album from British hardcore outfit False Flags and although it’s not a dreadful release, there’s certainly no surprises to be found within it.

The main problem is that there isn’t that much variety between the songs on a musical level. Each song seems to follow the same sort of structure, so after a while the album just feels a little stagnated and lacklustre, with songs blending into one another rather than having their own unique identity. Additionally there’s nothing that really sets False Flags apart from the crowd with this piece – you could quite easily stick the name of another band on the album cover and the average listener would be none the wiser.

It’s a shame because there’s definitely potential to be found on Hex Machine. A particularly strong element is sheer energy being projected into each song, as it shows a band desperate to make a point, and as is the norm with a lot of hardcore bands, it does feel like the album has been tailor-made for a live environment – there’s no doubt in my mind that this is a band that absolutely delivers onstage.

As a whole, it isn’t a terrible listen. If you’re into your hardcore, it may be worth your while to check out, but don’t go in expecting anything fresh or unique.


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