Fall Out Boy – Wembley Arena, London 20/03/14

Fall Out Boy UK Tour 2014The Pretty Reckless enter the stage to some very cringeworthy sex noises which set the mood for a sexy set from the band. The music kicks in and the band just stand there looking at the back of the venue, which was rather boring to watch as it wasn’t overly thrilling. Unfortunately the band remain in the same spot throughout their set and only front woman Taylor Momsen moved, but even that was very minimal. The band just had no stage presence which was probably bought on by the lack of movement and audience participation. Although the band did perform well, the vocals were very strong and audibly there wasn’t a fault, it was just the lack of movement and very little interaction that made it a pretty boring performance.

As Fall Out Boy are about to begin their set, a large white veil sets the stage and some words are spoken and as the music hits, the veil drops and the crowd go wild. Patrick’s vocals are impeccable up until the encore where after 17 songs his vocals start to waver. The way he moves around the stage and gets the crowd to join in really shows why the band sold out the 10,000+ venue.

Fall Out Boy’s performances are known to demonstrate impressive tricks, with bassist Pete spinning in circles like a ballerina, lead guitarist Joe playing solos behind his head and drummer Andy standing on his drum kit. The crowd love the impressive showmanship and show. Halfway through the set the band made their way to the centre of the arena to perform some acoustic songs which was a fantastic way to split up the set. It gave the crowd a quick breather before belting the acoustic songs along with Patrick’s raw, powerful vocals.

With some impressive solos from both Andy and Joe the band really show off all their talents within the set – including Pete’s screams which he demonstrates during the last song of their set, the impressive drum solo as the rest of the band returned to the stage after the acoustic break, the guitar solo to show off Joe’s raw skill or Patrick’s intriguing vocals. The ability to work the crowd this band has is phenomenal and the crowd adore the way they are bossed about by the band.

The band finish with a bang, with an overall fantastic performance and some really breath taking scenes, this will be a night that will stick in not only my mind, but I’m sure the in the minds of the rest of the 10,000+ people who attended.


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