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Fall Of Minerva are about to head out on a UK tour, which looks set to be absolutely amazing! We caught up with them to see what you can expect from the shows – and if there’s one near you, make sure you head over to it!

So you’re currently getting ready for your first tour of the UK – what are you most looking forward to about the tour?
We really can’t wait to meet our two UK tour bandmates We Never Learned To Live and Earth Moves, I’m sure we will share great fun days with these dudes.

Is there any city or venue you’re most excited about playing?
If I have to mention one show in particular, I would say the London show on October 6th is the one we are most looking forward to. This is because our label, Basick Records, is based in London and we have many Italian and non-Italian friends living there. We’re also looking forward to it because the album release show for the band Departures, so it will probably be a really busy show. We also really like this band, so it’s an honor to us to be part of this gig.

What can fans expect from the upcoming shows?
Well, we gained a lot of energy during the first days of touring, so fans should definitely expect powerful shows and and lots of positive vibes. It will be our first time in the UK, and we want to bring back home some good memories.

What do you like most about touring?
Touring itself is the best thing about being in a band for us. It makes all of the efforts and stresses that we experience as a band worth it. What we like the most is traveling, meeting new people and sharing our music. It is really great when we are able to give something back to the people that come and listen to our music.

Is there anything you don’t like about touring?
Yes – dusty places!
Unfortunately, for me, I’m really allergic to the dust, so I need to pay attention on where we’re playing and especially on where I’m going to sleep. Also, being a vocalist, I have to prevent anything from affecting my voice as this is something that has happened before!

Have you got any interesting stories from tours gone by?
Yeah, for example when we were in Russia for the first time, we slept in a place that was really dusty and full of animals! Just imagine a place so dusty that even non-allergic people cannot easily breathe, and then imagine how that must have been for me being allergic! As soon as I walked in, I knew it would ruin me, but unfortunately we had no other option. One of us tried to open a window for some fresh air, but then we saw there was the tape blocking all the windows from being opened – I still don’t know why.

So, having no choice, I did my best to lay down on the sofa without touching and moving anything – I even put plastic bags between me and the sofa! It is really funny now if I think about it but at the time, believe me, I was really really disappointed, haha!

If you could tour with any band, who would you choose?
We would really like to tour with Devil Sold His Soul when they have a new record, and maybe share the stage with our mates in Acres, Canvas and Fjort from Germany.

And finally, what does the rest of the year and 2017 have in store for Fall Of Minerva?
Right now, I can’t say for sure. We have no fixed plans, but I can say we have some plans for Europe (again) and non Europe as well. We want 2017 to be a really busy year!


Catch Fall Of Minerva at one of the following shows:

06.10.16 Veg Bar (Brixton) – London
07.10.16 Lounge 41 – Workington
08.10.16 Gringos – Norwich
09.10.16 Pre-Bar – Southampton
10.10.16 Underground – Plymouth
11.10.16 Bar FortyTwo – Worthing

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