Falling with Style – This Hell You Call Home Review

Falling with Style’s EP This Hell You Call Home is short and sweet. It’s certainly lively and it has a nice throwback to bands of the past with opening track Calm Before the Storm being a literal one minute long opener.

It leads directly into Waves are but Water which mixes elements of Enter Shikari and Alexisonfire. I personally prefer the Alexisonfire elements where they blend the harsher vocals with the melodic tons and everything blends nicely. I’m not a fan of shouting for shouting’s sake and some of the tracks on this record feel that’s the route this band have taken. Also, insert standard breakdown seems to be a theme on this track and it doesn’t feel needed when the band can write a track as good as Hold Your Hope and Old Ghosts.

This EP is a mix, but that’s to be expected with only a second release and with the band being so young. But the progress shows they’re learning and the more they play together, the more they’ll start to truly hone their sound. This EP is a good ground for much more to come and shows real promise and potential. Not many bands at only 18 can sound this good.


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