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We first introduced you to UK alt rockers Fallen Edge in November last year and since then the band have been working hard on some new material and the first fruits of their labour is the just released single ‘Break The Waves’.

Its a cool track, with some great melodies, strong chorus and an awesome vocal performance and is available on iTunes right now for only 79p.

We asked the band to tell us all about it.

You have the new single “Break The Waves” being released, where was it recorded and with who?  The song was recorded with Richard Doney at Landscape Studio’s, we had recorded our previous EP with him a year or so ago so it felt right to go back their to do the single. The studio is part of his house so it’s a great environment to work in, and the place is in the middle of nowhere so we weren’t distracted during the recording process.

What’s the song about?  The song is about losing someone you love and the emotional turmoil involved when you realize you won’t see them again. We all go through this at one time or another, but there is always a point when you realize that you have your whole life ahead of you, and you cant put it on hold when you have so much to live for. We want people to take away thier own meaning from the lyrics, so we try not to give to much away about the events the song is wrote about.

How was it written?  ‘Break The Waves’ was written like all of our songs. Chris usually writes the basic structure of the song and sends it to everyone to listen to, we all add our ideas and discuss what we think works and doesn’t work. Although with this song it was a little more drawn out than usual. The chorus melody must have been hanging around for about 6 months before we managed to put the song together in a way we were happy with, but once it clicked it pretty much wrote itself.

We wanted to really make the vocals the emphasis of the song, so we had to approach the lyrics and vocal melodies a little differently than on past releases. Jenn went away for a week or two and came back with the lyrics written, usually we need to work on them a little but in this case they didn’t change through out the entire process.

Tell us about the video?  We actually filmed all of the footage for the video in the studio while we where recording and edited it ourselves, very DIY. It was important to us for the audience to see who it was that made the music they where checking out.

What will the rest of this year hold for Fallen Edge?  We are booking shows right now and filling our summer calendar as much as possible. As we move into the second half of the year we are going to begin putting together our first album, which of course will feature Break The Waves.

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