The Fall Of Eve – If Even Angels Fall Review

If Even Angels Fall is the latest EP from The Fall Of Eve, which was released at the end of last year following a kickstarter campaign to fund it. It’s another good listen from the band and an enjoyable piece you’ll want to keep coming back to.

Consisting of five tracks, each song brings something different to the piece and helps to craft If Even Angels Fall into a more memorable listen that will remain with you. The vocal line is great throughout, with plenty of sing-along moments for you to join in with, and the symphonic elements on the EP will definitely get stuck in your head.

The title track is a definite highlight, helping to get the EP off to a mighty start with a catchy opening and beautifully-delivered vocals. Additionally, the powerful instrumentation throughout packs a real punch, and the instrumental sections sound absolutely massive. Another great inclusion is the closing track My Heart Holds The Light (although what comes inbetween is also excellent!) which is a softer and more chilled track. It helps to wind the EP down, and it’s an emotive and moving piece that will give you goosebumps.

This is another great release from The Fall Of Eve – make sure you pick up your copy from here.


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