Falconer – Black Moon Rising Review

Falconer Black Moon RisingFalconer are back with a vengeance with their latest offering, Black Moon Rising! A more guitar-driven release than the folksier Armod, it certainly features an earworm or two and the versatility of this band is really apparent when you compare the two albums side-by-side.

Black Moon Rising is an overall great album filled with a vast amount of strong songs and an early favourite is the insanely catchy title track, which features a chorus so memorable you’ll be wanting to sing along to it after your first listen alone. It packs a punch right from the get-go with the relentlessly hammering drums and piques your interest before the vocals even kick in, and the track even features a kickass solo too, to boot!

There’s also some fantastically heavy-sounding tracks taking centre stage on the album and Wasteland is one such track, chock-full of great meaty riffs (indeed, the opening wall of guitars hits you like a tonne of bricks) and the instrumentation takes centre stage for this song, which is refreshing to hear because more often than not, vocals are seen as the main element of a band.

If you like your music with substance, passion and energy, then it goes without saying that you’ll love Black Moon Rising. Falconer have once again delivered with this album.


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